Frans II Pourbus
(Antwerpen 1569 - Paris 1622 )
Portrait of a Lady

Frans Pourbus II the Younger was the son Frans I Pourbus. After the early decease of his father he became a pupil of his grandfather Pieter in Brughes. Pourbus became rather soon a famous portait painter (in Antwerp), working for the Catholic and Habsbourg nobility. Between 1600 and 1609 he became the court portraitist of Vincenzo I Gonzaga in Mantova, were he must have met Rubens.  Around 1609 he was invited by Maria de Medici (Gonzaga's sister in law) in Paris were he stayed until 1622.
This portrait can be situated -stylisticly- ca 1610-1620, during Pourbus period in Paris; while he was working at the court of Henry IV and Louis XIII. Also  the fashion is quit comparable with famous portraits at that time (eg. "Portrait of Maria de Medici", Musée Carnavalet Paris and "Portrait of Isabella Bourbon", Prado, Madrid). Because of the black cap and the cross we asume our lady is probably a widow, related to the French court.
69 x 54.5 cm (27 ¹/₈ x 21 ¹/₂ inches)
Oil on Canvas


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Frans II Pourbus