Antwerp School
Milkmaid with Cows

Oil on panel, 35 x 54,5 cm, enlarged with a wooden plank above with 2,5 cm
Stamped with the Antwerp Guild Mark
Pentimenti are visible under infradred (see photographs) but also with the naked eye, partly for another composition wich has nothing to do with ours. The painting has probably been reduced (see original wooden attached plank above and pentimenti refering to another composition with figures).
Our painting is connected to 2 paintings by Rubens: Polder landscape with 11 cows” (Alte Pinakothek, München”, Inv. Nr 322, ca 1615) and Landscape with cows and Sportsmen” (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Inv. Nr. 2013, ca 1620-1630). Yet with mayor changes in figuration and landscape.


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