Flemish School (?) ca 1600
Emperor Titus holding a battle stick

This impressive and powerful portrait of Titus refers to Titiaan's series of "11 emperors", painted around 1536-1540 for Federico II Gonzagas' "Gabinetto dei Cesari" in the palace of the duke in Mantua. The original paintings were sadly enough lost in a fire (in Spain, 1734) but other versions, copies and pastiches, made by different artists, survived.

The Cremonese artist Bernardino Campi was responsible for a famous set of copies (made for Francesco Ferdinando d'Ávalos, governor of Milan). His Titus -made in 1561- follows closely Titian’s original designs but differs a lot from our version. In 1593 Aegidus II Sadeler engraved Titians work, probably for Rudolf II in Prague. 
Oil on Canvas, 130 x 108cm


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Flemish School (?) ca 1600