Victor Wolfvoet
(Antwerp 1612 - Antwerp 1652 )
Mercury and Argus

In 1636,  Rubens was commissioned by Philips IV of Spain, to produce sixty mythological paintings for the "Torre de la Parada", a former hunting lodge near Madrid. The pictures had been painted partly by Rubens himself, partly taken from his designs by a number of collaborators. 

Rubens' original sketch and his final work are well preserved (in KMSK, Brussels and Prado Museum, Madrid).
Our work is Wolfvoet's version after the masters' original and although there is no evidence Wolfvoet studied in Rubens' workshop, he is most certainly one of the most faithful followers of the master.  

The painting tells us the story (which is part of Ovid's Metamorphoses) of Jupiter's son Mercury, who cuts of the head of Argus. 

We are grateful to Dr. Bert Schepers of the Rubenianum, Antwerp, for confirming the attribution to Victor Wolfvoet the Younger.
Oil on copper, 30 x 37,5cm


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Victor Wolfvoet