Jacob Marrel
(Frankenthal 1614 - Frankfurt am Main 1681 )
Still-Life with a Vase of Flowers, a Butterfly and a Lizard

Marrel, born in Frankenthal, moved to Frankfurt (in 1624) and worked as an apprentice for Georg Flegel. At a later stage of his education he went to Utrecht and was probably collaborating with and in the studio of Jan Davidsz De Heem.
Eventually, Marrel started his own artist studio when he went back to Frankfurt and even had some pupils, such as Abraham Mignon. 
Next to being an artist, he also traded art. 
This beautifully balanced composition, shows the mastery of the artist at the peak of his craftmanship: the sense of detail, light and colour makes it a very modern painting.
The pentimenti that can be extracted here and there, are giving us a certainty of originality and creativity. 

We are Grateful to Dr. Fred Meijer for confirming the attribution.
48 x 68.5 cm (18 ⁷/₈ x 27 inches)
Oil on panel
17th century


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Prov.: Coll. Charpentier 1959, N°45

Prov.: Coll. Charpentier 1959, N°45

Jacob Marrel