David Vinckboons
(Mechelen 1576 - Amsterdam 1632 )
Boerenvreugd - Peasant's Joy

Rich townpeople are being chased out of their houses by farmers with axes, knives and sticks. A man holding a knife falls to the ground whilst a dog is clutching on to his leg. On the left there is a woman with child trying to flee. 

This scene is a sequel to 'Peasant's sorrow', which is also in our possession. 

Possibly, this topic is an adaptation and critique of the Spanish aristocracy that plundered their way through the country as from the 60' of the 16th Century.  

In this depiction we face an opposite reaction, the 'common' and local people (Boeren) are taking back control over the oppressors. One might also conclude that it symbolises the battle and struggle between the Northern Netherlands and the Spanish Habsburgs. 
Considering Vinckboons' family history, this is a theme that personally affected him as well.


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David Vinckboons