Victor Wolfvoet
(Antwerp 1612 - Antwerp 1652 )
Finding of Erichthonius

The painting tells us the story of the discovery of Erichthonius in a basket by one of the daughters of Cecrops.
Although there is no evidence Wolfvoet studied in Rubens' workshop, he is one of the most faithful followers of the great master.
Probably he must have had acces to preparatory drawings or oil sketches by Rubens that he used for his own work. A fragment of Rubens' final work (canvas, now in "The Allen Memorial Art Museum", Ohio) and his original sketch (Muzeum Narodowego in Warszawie) are preserved.
oil on Copper, 27 x 39,5cm

Wolfvoet was a 'popular' painter with a fairly high commercial value, mainly due to these little mythological scenes on copper.

Apart from being a painter, he also was an art-dealer and collector. For example, during his active career, he owned at least twenty oil sketches by Rubens (these are listed in his estate-inventory).
We are grateful to Dr. Bert Schepers of the Rubenianum, Antwerp, for confirming the attribution to Victor Wolfvoet the Younger.


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Victor Wolfvoet