Adriaen Van Stalbempt
(Antwerp 1580 - Antwerp 1662 )
Triumph of Diana as the Goddess of Hunt

Diana, godess of hunt, 'wild' nature and birth of the moon, is accompanied by hunting companion. On the left we can see Acteon, on the right Venus and Adonis. She is being surrounded by hunters and fishermen that put their loot on display and offer their game to the gods. 
This beautifully luminous and detailed panel is another highlight in Van Stalbempt's oeuvre and stylistically strongly influenced by Jan Brueghel I. Most likely, it was part of a 'series of divinities' or a number of mythological paintings.
Another painting was sold during a Paris auction in 1995, which had in fact exactly the same size and oval shape. (Tajan, 01/06/1995, Lot 00106, 'Allégorie du pouvoir et de l'amour')
Oil on copper, 36 x 54 cm
Certificate by Dr. Klaus Ertz (2021) is provided.


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Adriaen Van Stalbempt