David Vinckboons
(Mechelen 1576 - Amsterdam 1632 )
Landscape with hunters and a village view

Vinckboons, born in Mechelen moved to Antwerp around 1580. After the occupation of Antwerp the family took flight to the Northern Netherlands in 1585. According to Karel van Mander, David Vinckboons didn't have a teacher, but he was in fact deeply inspired by Flemish Masters such as Pieter I Brueghel, Jan I Brueghel and Roeland Savery. 

Vinckboons initially raised praise for his elegant companies and farmer scenes (mainly interiors). His most renowned pupil was Gilles Claes De Hondecoeter (Melchior's father) who kept carrying out Vinckboons' style throughout his work. 

By the end of his career, Vinckboons, became more and more focused on landscapes with figures. This landscape in particular subtly unites nature (surrounding the characters) and culture (the central village view). Man conquering nature is symbolized here by hunters pulling their prey out of the water. There is a brightness in this panel, co-realized by the color scheme in alternately using soft and bright colouring.
We are grateful to Dr. Fred Meijer for accepting our painting as an original Vinckboons.
Oil on panel, 52 x 76 cm


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David Vinckboons