Jan Van Der Streat (attributed to)
(Brugge 1523 - Florence 1605 )
The day before the wedding (in Florence)

We see a Florentine bride in traditional attire and her companion lady, the day before the wedding. 
It was common (up until the 19th Century) in Florence to lock up the future bride, in her room, the day before the marriage. Together with the dowry, portrayed here right underneath the window. 

Jan Van der Straet (Joannes Stradanus) was a Flemish artist, working and living in Firenze, as from 1550. Most of his assignments were commissioned by the 'Dei Medici's' where he assisted Giorgio Vasari. He also participated in redecorating the Palazzo Vecchio, painted some of the fresco's and designed and manufactured the tapestry.

Our drawing can be situated at the end of his creative life and is therefore less mannerist than his more traditional work. 

Exhibition and publication: De Giorgione à Tiepolo, Dessins italiens du 15e au 18e siècle dans des collections privés et publiques de Belgique, Musée Ixelles

18 x 24 cm (7 ¹/₈ x 9 ¹/₂ inches)
Price : € 5 000 


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Jan Van Der Streat (attributed to)