Joost Van Craesbeeck attributed
(Neerlinter 1605 - Antwerp 1660 )
A weaver heating up her stove.

Joos Van Craesbeeck had a quite different occupation apart from painter.  before meeting Adriaan Brouwer in 1933, he also worked as a baker.
He was a genre-painter, without the negative connotation around it. He depicted the 'ordinary' or regular people, people he knew so well. Funny faces, distinctive facial features or interior groupscenes and the occasional religious scene were characteristic for him. 

The indoor scene we get to see a glimpse of here is an old somewhat weary woman focused on lighting her little stove in her lap. She will probably start her handwork (loom in the background) after that and put the stove at her feet, as was common in those days. 
A brownish color palet as was used here, is typical for Joos Van Craesbeeck. 

Oil on panel, 32,5 x 26,5cm
Label "Thomas Agnew and Sons LTD"  and wax seal on the back

Price : € 17 000 


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Joost Van Craesbeeck attributed