Jacob Biltius
(Den Haag 1633 - Bergen-op-Zoom 1681 )
Hunting still life with a hare, hunting horn, powder canisters and pistols

There are visible traces of a signature in orange paint in the center below ‘… Biltius…’.
Also, a label on the ebony frame dates the picture '1651', stylistically it's more likely originating from the 1670s. 

Jacob or Jacobus Biltius was a Dutch still-life painter originally from The Hague who worked in various places including The Hague, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Antwerp, Leeuwarden and Bergen op Zoom. He was known for his game still lifes, kitchen still lifes and trompe-l'oeil still lifes with birds.

By the middle of the 17th century, hunting still lifes had become very popular in the Dutch Republic. As an increasing number of Dutch people had become prosperous, they wished to display in their sumptuous country houses hunting still lifes, which expressed their high social status.

Although the frame is dated 1651, this painting most likely originates from the 1670s, when Biltius painted game still lifes more related to the Flemish tradition as he was living in Antwerp by that time.

A very similar game still live was sold at Christie’s Amsterdam in 1997, 19.02.1997, lot 38. The background of this piece is painted less delicately than the present piece in which the details of the weaponry and the horns in the background are absolutely stunning.

Signed "Biltius" in the center below
oil on canvas, 82 x 112cm


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Private collection, Belgium
Private collection, Belgium

Jacob Biltius