Maarten Van Cleve
(Antwerpen 1527 - Antwerpen 1581 )
Portrait of an elderly woman

A well preserved and clean small tondo on with a realistic, non idealized depiction of a woman. 

Maarten Van Cleve was a contemporary of Pieter Brueghel (the Elder) with his own active studio in Antwerp. We know he was also at work in the studio of Frans Floris and a member of the St-Luke Guild.

This kind of small (pocketsize) portraits are extremely rare and therefore this is an exceptional piece. You can see that his influence and style goes beyond that of a Brueghel-epigone. 
Further more our lovely lady is wearing the typical white veil on her head, a white buttoned shirt and a dark red cloak. 

Oil on slate, Tondo: 9cm, dated 1552 center at the top


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Maarten Van Cleve