David Teniers The Younger
(Antwerp 1610 - Antwerp 1690 )
Interior of an inn with a woman playing the flute

Although being an allround painter with a mastery regarding a variety of  subjects, this 'inn' is typical for the genrepieces David Teniers is renowned for at an early phase of his career. We are looking at a scene which is strongly influenced by Adriaen Brouwer, the pioneer of this type of "genre"paintings and his great inspirator.

Notice the sexual connotation with this beautiful and soft female figure playing the flute flanked by the ugly peasant smiling and showing his grimy teeth. 
A rather exemplarily scene so to speak, even the open window on the right that enters the light carries the signature of this dwelling on the ordinary.

We are gratefull to Dr. Fred Meijer for conirling the attribution.

Signed bottom right : D Teniers Fec - 1667
Oil on panel, 32 x 22 cm



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David Teniers The Younger