Aert van der Neer
(Gorinchem 1603 - Amsterdam 1677 )
Nocturnal landscape

Until the 19th century Aert Van der Neer was a rather unknown painter, his typical "nocturnes" and landscapes in evening or morning light had little interest. Van der Neer had created a kind of "niche" in landscape painting: a genre that not everyone understood.  Also during his lifetime Van der Neer had little success with these paintings and had difficulties selling them. Later (around 1660)he started an inn in Amsterdam but it went bankrupt and 10 years later the painter died in poverty.

Our little work is a beautiful and typical work of the master: the play with the reflections in the water, the cool and distant moonlight and the absence of human activity create a mysterious and particular atmosphere. 
Monogrammed Below right AVD
Oil on Panel, 33 x 44,5 cm


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van der Neer Aert