Egbert Van Heemskerk II
(Haarlem 1635 - London 1704 )
Interior with 2 drunks

It was classy in the 17th century to look down on and even mock at people of "lower birth."  People liked to laugh at their lower instincts and inn scenes were very grateful for that: drunks, smokers, and peeers were put on display.
The great protagonist of this genre (inn interiors) is of course Adriaen Brouwer, followed by Teniers, Van Ostade, Van Craesbeeck and many others. Egbert van Heemskerck became also specialized in these tavern-interiors  (like van Ostade, he was born and active in Haarlem, later he made his career in London). His very fluid touch and expressive figures create lively scenes with a lot of humor.
Oil on panel,


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Egbert Van Heemskerk II