Jan Brueghel II the Younger
(Antwerp 1601 - Antwerp 1678 )
An Extensive Landscape with Travellers on a road

After training under his father, Jan the Younger went to Italy in 1624, traveling with his childhood friend Anthony van Dyck. When Jan the Elder died suddenly in a cholera epidemic, Jan the Younger took over his father's busy Antwerp studio. He became dean of Antwerp's guild in 1630.
In a beautiful open landscape we see a busy intersection with travelers, monks and horsemen. Breughel's search is one for a balanced composition, with cheerful colors and movement at the same time. He masterfully uses the brown-green-blue gradation for which his father was so well known and thus generates a beautiful depth effect.
We are grateful to Drs Luuk Pijl for his certificate (June 2022), describing ou work as an authentic Jan Brueghel II.
Oil on panel, 38 x 52 cm (15 x 20 ¹/₂ inches)


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Jan Brueghel II the Younger