David Teniers The Younger
(Antwerp 1610 - Antwerp 1690 )
Tavern Scene with Smoker

A man with a pipe calmly looks us straight in the eye and does not seem to mind the exuberant scene in the background with drinkers, a pissing man and a fleeing woman. To the left is a brazier from which he took a match to light his pipe. In the foreground we see a barrel with a beautifully painted earthen jug in front of it.
The man is beautifully lit and does not seem to care about his surroundings, he only has contact with us (the spectator).
This beautiful and typical work by teniers can be dated around 1660: Although being an allround painter with a mastery regarding a variety of  subjects, thistavern scene is typical for the genrepieces David Teniers is renowned for at an early phase of his career. We are looking at a scene which is strongly influenced by Adriaen Brouwer, the pioneer of this type of "genre"paintings and our painters great inspirator.
Oil on panel, 17,5 x 25cm
Signed left below: Teniers Fecit



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David Teniers The Younger