Jacob Jordaens
(Antwerp 1593 - 1678 )
Amor (or Cupid)

A picture of a walking amor, surrounded by foliage with a setting sun in the background. As is the case here, he (Amor or Eros: the Greek equivalent of the Roman Cupid)  is often depicted with a quiver and wings but in our painting he also wears a basket in his left hand (connected with a drapery with his other hand). According to some he was the son of Mars and Venus, according to others the son of Vulcan. Cupid had 2 kinds of arrows that he could shoot: a nice sharp arrow with a golden tip (to make his "victims" fall in love), and the other: a blunt-tipped arrow with a lead shaft (to make people hate each other). In various myths he makes cruel jokes with it.
During the restoration of this beautiful (fragmentary) work the signature surfaced. The body and the folds are typical for the master and comparable with Jordaens' Cupid on "Venus en Adonis" (KMSK Brussels, inv. 8732) but also, for example, with "Jupiter fed by the goat Amalthea" (Museum Kassel, inv. GK103) and "Cupid and Psyche" (KMSK, Antwerp) and also "Bacchus and Ariadne" (Boston, Museum of Fine Arts). The work is datable around 1645  and has been larger in dimensions.
Signed below right J JORDAENS
Oil on Canvas, 110 x 60 cm (43 ¹/₄ x 23 ⁵/₈ inches)


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Jacob Jordaens