Joris Van Son
(Antwerp 1623 - Antwerp 1667 )
Flower and Fruit Garland around a Cartouche

Joris Van Son was a 17th century Antwerp painter who was strongly influenced by the work of Jan Davidsz. De Heem (a Northern Netherlandish painter who was active in Antwerp in the 1630'ies). Together with Nicolaes Veerendael, Jan Van Kessel and Daniël Seghers, he was one of the main protagonists of Flemish (Antwerp) floral still life art from the mid-17th century. Among his pupils we count Frans van Everbroeck, Jan Pauwel Gillemans the Younger, Cornelis van Huynen, Norbert Montalie and Abraham Herderwijn.
Van Sons preferred 2 important categories in the genre of flower and fruit still lifes: garlands ("cartouches") and so-called "pronkstillevens" ("showy still lifes").
The "cartouche" was often filled with the image of a Saint or a portrait. This by another painter, usually specialized in figures (for example Cornelis Schut, Erasmus Quellinus or Frans II Francken). The fact that our "cartouche" remained empty in the center indicates that Van Son created this work as a coastal work "in itself". The quality is excellent and Van Son not only shows off his in-depth knowledge of the flora and fruits, but also his great sense of sensitivity, detail and color . Striking is the powerful sculpted cartouche (with a male head bellow) in grisaille, in contrast with the bright fruits and flowers.
Our work has an interesting provenance: in the early 19th century it was owned by Desideria, Queen of Sweden and Norway (1777-1860).

Oil on Canvas, 65 x 50 cm (25 ⁵/₈ x 19 ³/₄ inches)

We are grateful to Dr. Fred Meijer for having confirmed our painting as an original Van Son


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Queen Desideria of Sweden (1777-1860)
Queen Desideria of Sweden (1777-1860)

Joris Van Son