David Vinckboons
(Mechelen 1576 - Amsterdam 1632 )
Tavern Scene 'Boerenverdriet' or 'The Peasants' Sorrow'

A family of well dressed townspeople indulge in food and beverages in a tavern. 
In the left corner, a poor man carrying a basket is being sent away by force. The lower part of the painting comprises of a woman begging on her knees in front of a chest filled with jewelry and a money pouch. 

Vinckboons, born in Mechelen moved to Antwerp around 1580. After the occupation of Antwerp (and the start of the Eighty Years War), the family took flight to the Northern Netherlands in 1585. According to Karel van Mander, David Vinckboons did not have any teacher, but clearly he was inspired by Flemish Masters as Pieter I Brueghel, Jan I Brueghel and Roelland Savery. 
Vinckboons treated this topic ("Boerenverdriet/boerenvreugd” or “Peasants' sorrow-joy”) several times .
Our work is a typical and iconic example for the masters period in Amsterdam around 1620 (eg Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, inv. SK-A-1351).

Around 1620
Oil on panel, 20.5 x 30 cm (8 ¹/₈ x 11 ³/₄ inches)


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David Vinckboons