Jacob Adriaensz Bellevois
(Rotterdam 1621 - Rotterdam 1676 )
English Ships before the Coastline

Bellevois was a Rotterdam painter specialisied in seascapes, who was influenced by Jan Porcelis and Simon de Vlieger. 
The composition of our painting is very typical of naval paintings of this period: 1/4th sea and 3/4th sky make us as viewers feel more part of the seascape (we are, as it were, sailing along) but also generate a more expansive effect. The rough waves and dark sky create a menacing atmosphere. On the left, the sun breaks through the dark clouds... .
The rendering of the ships (with English flags), the waves and the sky is very smooth and yet detailed at the same time. Works by Bellevois can be found in many museums such as Museum Bredius (The Hague), Museo Nacional del Prado (Madrid), National Maritime Museum (London) and Walters Art Museum (Baltimore).
Signed J. Bellevois in the wreckage
Oil on panel, 54.5 x 89 cm (21 ¹/₂ x 35 inches)



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Bellevois Jacob Adriaensz